We use our many years of experience and sophisticated production expertise in the areas of sheet metal working and machining to manufacture your products. We use modern, reliable and flexible processes, assisting you in the production of your individual product requirements from the development phase through to quality assurance. We support you in the production of everything from individual parts or samples and prototypes up to and including series production.

Our goal is to sustainably improve yur added value through continuous improvement processes.


In combination with component manufacturing, we can also install subsystems or assemblies. We integrate components manufactured in-house or provided by you into high-Quality mechanical or mechatronic subsystems. Highly competent support from the development phase all the way through implementation is part of our Service.

Complete systems

Our high level of vertical integration in component manufacturing, in conjunction with subsystem installation, make us an impressive expert partner for your devices or complete systems. As early as the development phase, we can offer our outstanding expertise to your project. Our services include assembly and installation, test runs, commissioning, final inspection and documentation, right through to delivery to your end customer.

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Application areas for our components & systems



Many sectors of aviation, e. g. chassis, actuators, air-conditioning systems and avionic.

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Product examples

Facts & Figures

Power Working range steel, VA Working range Al
16 bis 100 KVA Alternating current / 125 KVA continuous current 0,5 bis 6,0 mm 1,0 bis 4,0 mm
Power Working area 1 Working area 2
Schutzgas-Schweißen Mig-Mag 200 bis 400 A Steel / VA / Al
PulseArc-Schweißanlagen 400 A Universalspannsystem
Wig-Schweißen 150 bis 300 A Universalspannsystem
Power Working area
Bolzen, Buchsen von Dm. 3 bis 8 mm X x 700 mm, Y x 500 mm, Z x 200 mm
Power Working area
Bis 20 t Einpresskraft / bis 6 mm Nietschaft (Taumelnieten) BRIVE, NUTSERT, MONOBOLT, AVDEL
Power Working area 1
Horizontalbearbeitungszentren 400 x 400 x 500 mm
Vertikalbearbeitungszentren 1100 x 500 x 500 mm
4-Achs-Vertikalbearbeitungzentrum mit Rundtisch 1600 x 500 x 500 mm
Power Working area 1
CNC Drehmaschinen mit Gegenspindel (Spitzenweiten >1000 mm) Spindeldurchlass 60 mm
CNC Drehmaschinen / NC Drehmaschinen Ø Umlauf bis 350mm
Power Working area 1
Tischgröße 600 x 800mm

We offer you a variety of surface treatments in cooperation with our expert partners.

Power Working area
Upright drilling machines Ø max. 25 mm
Gang Drilling machines Ø max. 13 mm / Operation range up to 200 mm
Table Drilling machine Operation range up to 140 mm
Tapping machines M1 up to M10 (VA up to M8)
Multi-spindle machines Ø max. 25 mm

Diameter 5-30mm

Power Working area
Vertical broaching machine Groove width up to 10 mm
Power Working area
Band saw with automatic feed Ø max. 250 mm

The combination of mechanical, electrical and electronic components to assembly or complete your systems is one of our core competences.

Our specialists take account of all standards regarding DIN, ISO and DIN-VDE . Our years of experience in creating efficient assembly processes ensure a high-quality-standard and a punctual delivery.


Power Working area
Transfer of DXF, DWG data / further processing to programming software possible -
Power Working area punch Working area Laser
Combines stamping-laser machine TRUMATIC: punching force up to 25 t, steel plates 2500 x 1250 mm Fe, Al: 6 mm / VA: 5 mm Fe: 10 mm / Al: 5 mm / VA: 8 mm
Power Working area
Cut metal (plate width 2500 mm) Fe: 4 mm / VA: 2 mm
Power Working area 1
Hydraulic folding machine: 500 kN at 2000 mm / 1300 kN at 3000 mm / 2500 kN at 1200 mm Maximum length of 3m

We offer you a variety of surface treatments in cooperation with our expert partners.


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